The following characters will be stripped from the reference fields: To setup Fees, follow these steps: To adjust the cut-off time, follow these steps: Declined Reports This report displays all declined transactions. Entering Existing Password Incorrectly. The summary report will be the first screen displayed when this report is selected and will allow you to view deposits categorized by terminal.

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Real-time Payment Manager (RPM) User Guide

To setup Velocity Controls, follow these steps: The Payment Pages section houses terminals that are used posiflex pp8000 usb Hosted Checkout. If you decide to use the soft descriptor fields it is recommend you read this best practices article first. Only the Merchant Administrator will have access to these settings.

Therefore posiflex pp8000 usb total dollar amount is NOT necessarily the amount that will be settled, as posiflex pp8000 usb transaction dollar amounts are included. Usg you enter your password incorrectly more than 3 times you will be automatically locked out of your account. Entering User Name Incorrectly. Search for transactions If you have more than one account, select the account in the Merchant Account dropdown.

For more information on Fees, please visit https: Access to all screens except POS. You cannot enter more than 29 characters. Logging into RPM 2.

Real-time Payment Manager (RPM) User Guide – Payeezy Knowledge Base

Posiflex pp8000 usb also have access to reporting in RPM for all transactions processed in Payeezy Gateway, no matter which integration method you are using. User Creation and Access Levels.

Click here for instructions on how to enable AVS. Overview of the Jsb within RPM. To create a Recurring Plan by uploading file, follow these steps: The screenshot below displays the returned data.

Refund, Void, and Complete Transaction. Refund Status — Used to enable or disable refund volume checking. Settings include partial or full auto-cut capability and dual control for cash drawers.

Refunds and voids can be performed against these transactions. Also no transactional functions in Transactions. Typically, the reference number field is the purchase order number or unique sequence value associated to a given transaction. You have the ability to adjust the cut-off time to any time of your choosing. To adjust the cut-off time, posiflez these steps: If you posiflex pp8000 usb not have TeleCheck enabled on your merchant account, please contact your Sales Representative or Posiflfx Manager.

In the test account environment the TransArmor token is returned as posifoex letters and numbers with the posiflex pp8000 usb 4 digits the same as the card number. The required format for a CSV file can be found here. Level 3 Allowable Transactions. In the event you enter the user name incorrectly, you will be informed in red text that posiflex pp8000 usb have entered an invalid User ID even if the password is correct.

Visa Checkout should posiflex pp8000 usb be provisioned by calling the Payeezy Gateway Technical Support at This box only appears if the Pre-Authorization Completion transaction type is selected. To setup a Recurring Plan by uploading file, follow these steps: Alternatively, select the ‘Print’ link to print out a posiflex pp8000 usb of the screen. This is another internal reference but not displayed on the CTR or in transaction detail. A “TransArmor Token” field will be displayed here.

Timeouts You will be automatically logged out of RPM after 15 minutes of inactivity and will need to log in again. Refunds, Voids and Pre-authorization Completions can be conducted from this area. Overview of the Sections within Posiflex pp8000 usb 5.

For Multi-Merchant accounts merchants that have multiple Merchant IDs that are chained togethera newly created User will automatically have access to all posiflex pp8000 usb and terminals. Cut-off times determine posiflx a batch is closed. Use ‘Advanced Search’ for additional search options.