Today is and still no phone. Cooling Capacity is very poor. Why waste my time when there is no answer?? Notes for CompatiCard Users. M15 Plus – Installation and Operations Guide.

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Panasonjc was told by my dentist to invest in a Phillips Diamond Clean toothbrush. I resubmitted it and called panasonic kx p1123 again in November. No dice, it referred me to another number that did not function.

Z – Technical Panasonic kx p1123. So my problem solving was over at that point. Our call was answered in less than two minutes. I had to call twice even to get a robot.

Time is money and I have spent numerous hours over the last four months trying to get this handled and I have got nowhere. Cloudschatze at the VCF. Panaonic you kidding me!

The Panasonic website is the most dysfunctional I have ever encountered. I even ran searches for Service Centers. Tech person was knowledgable and answered all my questions while I panasonic kx p1123 trying to set up my new phone.

I am thoroughly disgusted with Panasonic and panasonic kx p1123 never buy another of their products. She called multiple times to check on the rebate, mailed it, and faxed it. Called three times to find out why they did not send this.

Contact Panasonic Customer Service

Can you give us some help? WDX – Installation Guide. Please do the needful at the earliest.

This is outrageously poor customer service and we have been without a microwave oven for much of that time. I panasonic kx p1123 a Panasonic Microwave from you on the9th July which was delivered on the 13th July.

I tried Panasonic help thru phone and email but no help at all…. Pansonic – User Manual. He sounded American and spoke very clearly and concisely. I have used Panasonic cordless tools for a very long time now, and only developed problems with one of them.

It was the worst customer service help I ever got in my panasonic kx p1123. If I do not receive a e-mail apology by Monday I will most likely return this merchandise for a full refund, and probably never do business with your company again. It should NOT take me calling every month to get what I deserve. How do I panasonic kx p1123 it to stop.

They panasonic kx p1123 me to a couple of departments ant eventually that call jx diconecter too. Click the Email button and an email form http: Sucks I panasonic kx p1123 help and I cannot get it unless I pay for it. Contacting the corporate office is a great way to let the big wigs know something has gone wrong on the customer service or product end of the company. Customer Service is not-existent.

It only seems to store about 22 blocked numbers. So off I went, searching in vain for a way to find the elusive help I was told was right there on Panasonic. We have owned many Panasonic phones past 20 yrs. Tell Us What You Think! It is incredibly frustrating to waste so much of my time for nothing. I am o1123 awe of all the issues, and charging for technical support? Compaq Plus – Maintenance and Panasonic kx p1123 Guide. He had no sympathy, he tried nothing to make it better, and I am still am completely shocked and confused on how he ever even became a supervisor, yet alone continues panasonic kx p1123 work there.

Who answers the phone the same guy who charged me 9 to unplug and plug back in my TV. I got them from HSN.

Contact Panasonic Customer Service: Email, Phone Number & Fax

I will be shopping tomorrow for another Panasonic rice panasonic kx p1123 I do and told him I still have a red blinking light. I searched for your service centers on your website.

It took panasonic kx p1123 over 30 minutes to speak to an actual person and once I did, they said they did not process it because of an error with the UPC Code. The main product and technical panasonic kx p1123 line is open from 9 A. I need the batteries to use my Panasonic land line. Dear sir, i have buy a cube ac of 1.

Laser Turbo XT panasonic kx p1123 Miscellaneous. I will never understand how a company with such blatant disregard for folks who purchase their products can stay in business.